Into the Corn

Here’s a few shots from our sojourn into the corn. Not a bad day of shooting, overall. We didn’t hear the scarecrow complain, at least.

Scarecrow Horror Movie

Scarecrow Horror Movie

Scarecrow Horror Movie

Scarecrow Horror Movie

Boilhead Stop Motion Tests

Here’s an inside look at John animating a series of Boilhead test shots for Mind Rip. We have to move a few things around to get the bluescreen area set up, but it’s cool we have enough space to accommodate shoots like this.

Stop motion horror movie

Stop motion horror movie

Stop motion horror movie

Photos by Rick Shannon.

Driving in the Dark

Photo by Mike Boas

Photo by Stephanie Viriyakul.

More shooting for Mind Rip is under way! Check out behind-the-scenes photos from our recent night shoots on the Mind Rip Facebook page.


We’ve been making a lot of progress with Boilhead, our Big Daddy Roth style stop-motion puppet that will appear in Mind Rip. Using silicone has been a challenge, but we’re pretty confident with how he’s shaping up.

View the Boilhead photo album on Facebook.

Mind Rip gets some screen time

It’s been a big month for Mind Rip. First we got rolling on shooting new scenes for the feature. Now we’ve had some opportunities to show our trailer on the big screen.

Coming up this week is the New York City Horror Film Festival, where Mind Rip has won out over other Trailer Trash competitors to screen with the scheduled shorts and horror features. The festival has been helping to promote indie films like this in the last few years, so we’re thrilled to be featured. If you’re in the city from November 11th through the 14th, check out the fest and keep an eye open for Mind Rip.

A few weeks ago, I (Mike) attended “zombie day” at the Buffalo Screams fest, and it was a real thrill to share the trailer with an audience. They hollered for the severed heads and laughed at the jokes — what more could you ask for? I had a great time talking with festival organizers Greg Lamberson and Emil Novak, not to mention the zombie-fans and filmmakers in attendance. I only wish I could have stayed for more of the fest, but alas I was working the rest of the weekend.

The following week was Halloween, and it was an honor to get some screen time at our local horror event, the Little Theatre’s 24 Hour Horror Fest.  Wouldn’t it be great to screen a finished feature in Rochester this time next year?  It’s something to shoot for.