That’s a funny looking cheeseburger

Sheriff Edwards and Deputy Spacey are in for a world of hurt.

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Mind Rip news round-up

Here’s what the horror blogosphere’s been saying about MIND RIP.

“Just stick a fork in me… cause I’m in ‘Cheesy B-Rated Heaven!’  …I have to say that this is one of the better cut trailers, and I can’t wait to see more. …Now where can I get my copy of “The Vault of The Crypt of The Terror” comic?!!”

“Looks f***ing terrific if you ask me, perfect 70’s vibe.”

“Two of our favorite things — monsters and zombies — together in one flick? Where do we sign up!?!? John David Vincent and Philrose Productions’ new flick Mind Rip is on the way, and we’ve got a host of stuff for you to peruse to get yourselves set!”

“I’m loving all these indie creature features in production. BD reader Avery tipped us off to another from John David Vincent and Philrose Productions entitled Mind Rip.”

“If all that doesn’t rock your zombie-lovin’, demonic, giant-monster craving boat, then you’re reading the wrong blog!”

“Monsters and zombies and lots of tongue-in-cheek humor, oh my! You’ll find it all in the very Troma-looking Mind Rip, a movie about comic-book monsters come to life via psychic means.”

“…cool Grindhouse style”

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We’re huge overseas

As we push ahead to promote our projects to investors, it’s gratifying to see interest from the world of horror fandom.

We got a nice write-up on the Australian “Undead Backbrain” blog. Robert Hood did a great job of summarizing the Mind Rip project, not surprising since he’s a fiction writer himself. Thanks, Robert!

Read “A Ripping Tale of Zombies, Monsters and Other Mind-spawned Horrors”

The Mind Rip trailer was also posted on a German site, Hartigan’s World, early last month. I’m not sure what they’re saying, but I’m hoping it’s good things.

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Mind Rip Trailers Live!

We’ve kept this footage secret long enough! Behold, in all its grindhouse glory, the terror that is MIND RIP!

Promotional Trailer

(2 minutes 37 seconds)

For this promotional trailer, we’ve cut together several Mind Rip scenes in the style of drive-in trailers of the 70s and 80s.

Extended Trailer

(4 minutes 19 seconds)

An extended grindhouse experience! Complete with snappy opening music and more secret laboratory footage.

Mind Rip is a grindhouse-style horror film. With a nod to the terror romps of the seventies, Mind Rip contains over-the-top thrills and tongue-in-cheek violence. Writer/Director John David Vincent has drawn inspiration from such films as Phantasm, Evil Dead, and the original Dawn of the Dead.

Philrose Productions is currently seeking investors in order to shoot Mind Rip as a feature film. These Mind Rip trailers were produced to demonstrate the quality and tone we have in mind.

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Bodies in the Road

In addition to shooting an army of zombies on that fateful night in August, the Philrose crew had a more modest shot to take care of.

An early scene in the Mind Rip script finds Sheriff Edwards (played by John Cocca) examining some bloody remains left on a country road. It made sense to schedule this scene the same night as the zombie shoot. It would feature some of the same actors, and we could fake the location’s parking lot as a road. Also, the fire truck we were using to supply “rain” for the zombies would add production value.

So, while zombies were being made up just off camera, John Vincent directed John Cocca, Chris Nakis, and Matt Ehlers in some stomach-churning action.

Thanks to Tracy Stopa Moran for these production stills!