Fangoria talks Mind Rip


Thanks to Michael Gingold of for posting about our recent casting announcements. Bill Moseley even had a nice quote for us:

“What drew me to MIND RIP was first and foremost a great script,” Moseley tells us, “which struck me as a cross between CABIN IN THE WOODS and ARMY OF DARKNESS. This movie has to be made!”

We also gave Fango a peek at the pin-up poster we designed for Mind Rip’s morgue scene. It’s actually an image from the Shannon Medical Tools pin-up calendar — a shout out to our gaffer Rick Shannon. The model is the lovely Audrey Jacobs.

Click to see the Mind Rip pin-up at

Click the pic to see Mind Rip’s pin-up art at

Read the article here.

Thanks to our Indiegogo supporters!


Thanks to everyone who contributed to our recent Indiegogo campaign.  We’ll be sending out info soon on the status of your rewards.

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Mind Rip Casting Announcements: Moseley, Hodder, and Berryman

Philrose productions is proud to announce that actor Bill Moseley has agreed to play the role of Gary the Ghoul in MIND RIP.  Gary the Ghoul is a late night horror host that comes face to face with monsters weirder than any he’s introduced on TV. Moseley is a favorite actor among horror enthusiasts, with  credits that include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and Texas Chainsaw 3D.

We also have letters of intent from genre actors Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees in numerous Friday the 13th films, Hatchet) and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, Weird Science, The X-Files) to appear in Mind Rip. We’re extremely excited that so many actors horror fans love feel this project is worth getting involved with.

In addition, a prominent distributor that has distributed genre films (like last year’s American Mary)  has given us a letter of intent for distributing Mind Rip.  We’re on our way!

Snakes and Bones

With John animating and me (Mike) as support, we plowed through many many seconds of animation in a couple days.

We exported the animation from Dragonframe and applied RS Motion Blur in After Effects. We were pretty excited by the results!

The rendered file:

Stop Motion Scaresnake – Raw Animation with Motion Blur

But really, I say the only way to experience the tedium craftsmanship of stop motion animation is to see it being created one frame at a time. Thanks to those who joined us and asked questions while we broadcast our animation sessions over Ustream!

The Morgue

The lonely repose of Howard Blake.

Won’t you friend Howard?  He’s been feeling a little beside himself lately.

Meanwhile, our morgue set came together quite nicely.  And to think, we once considered leaving the studio to shoot this scene.

Photo by Stephanie Viriyakul.