Mind Rip Trailers Live!

We’ve kept this footage secret long enough! Behold, in all its grindhouse glory, the terror that is MIND RIP!

Promotional Trailer

(2 minutes 37 seconds)

For this promotional trailer, we’ve cut together several Mind Rip scenes in the style of drive-in trailers of the 70s and 80s.

Extended Trailer

(4 minutes 19 seconds)

An extended grindhouse experience! Complete with snappy opening music and more secret laboratory footage.

Mind Rip is a grindhouse-style horror film. With a nod to the terror romps of the seventies, Mind Rip contains over-the-top thrills and tongue-in-cheek violence. Writer/Director John David Vincent has drawn inspiration from such films as Phantasm, Evil Dead, and the original Dawn of the Dead.

Philrose Productions is currently seeking investors in order to shoot Mind Rip as a feature film. These Mind Rip trailers were produced to demonstrate the quality and tone we have in mind.

For more about Mind Rip, visit http://philrosefilms.com/mindrip

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